Theyyam ( തെയ്യം )

Theyyam otherwise known as theyyattam (thira) is a traditional ritualistic form seen in north Kerala.The performance of the ART, theyyam includes the dance performed by a person accompanied by a drummer ( Chendakaran ).Theyyam actually originated from the art form called "Kaliyattam" , once practiced by the tribal community of north Kerala.This sacred art form is performed in temples and is believed as a representation of god/goddess.Main part of costume of theyyam is the painting done on the face.
                             Now a days the theyyam rituals are spreading to central part of kerala also.Last month I had a visit to 'Paloor subramania swami temple', Malappuram district for the thaipooyam (Festival associated  to temple).The photograph of theyyam was shot from there.


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